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Logo Design Proposal & Packages

The Logo Design Proposal…

What you get on completion...


Only on receipt of the final invoice – you will receive final digital files created in the latest industry standard Adobe Illustrator App (as .ai being a final VECTOR master file) with any additional versions and variations previously agreed upon or as I see fit. These will be .JPG for email, .PNG for websites and .PDF for print and signage etc. and I can additionally make special case versions for embroidery and reversed versions and more. Sometimes you will also receive basic design and mock-up of a business card and or vehicle signage to show you how to apply the logo, this is complimentary. Additionally I can provide  you with an optimised version of the logo for use as your Social Media profile avatar and Xero accounting system, Social Media Cover & Banner graphics and email footers can also be produced. 


Is anything missing on this proposal that was previously agreed? Let me know before signing and paying the deposit. It is critical we both know what is expected from each other prior to starting.


Project Scope


Logo Design Project Payment Structure: 50% Deposit on Start, Final Payment Required on Project Completion, and in some cases an additional balance of additional works carried out over-and-above as agreed at that point as well – NET7.


Payment Details


I tend to seek full payment up front due to the fragile and precarious nature of releasing and showing unique ideas prior to being paid. If you are happy to pay the full amount, please let me know. 5% will be deducted from invoice if full payment is made up-font to say thanks! If full payment is not appropriate, then a minimum of 50% is required as set out on this proposal. This is routine, and unfortunately has been bourne through necessity. For repeat customers, I am then able to be more flexible, usually 20% up-front. The final 80% is due towards completion of the project. Only when the final payment has been received will any requested files be delivered and only on this final payment will full rights to the logo design be transferred. 



I can only secure this project into my schedule on receipt of the deposit. If there is any kind of delay at this point, other projects may take priority. This is not to pressure you in any way, it’s just so you know where you stand in terms of scheduling. Once deposit is received, I will forward on either a receipt of the payment or be in touch with getting further information in preparation for the start of the project and set out a timing structure for the project.



Preferred methods include bank transfer, invoice or cash. Paypal is possible but is not recommended. A handling charge of 5% will be added to invoice if you opt for Paypal over my preferred methods.



See invoice.



As this is a significant investment for you, please let me know if you have any concerns or problems paying the full amount at this time. I am open to finding an amicable payment solution if there are any difficulties. Some clients choose to do 33% | 33% | 33% or 25% | 25% | 25% | 25%. This is fine and anything is possible as long as we both agree, I am open to making it easier for you and your cashflow.


Singing on the dotted line and subsequent payment forms your contractual acceptance of this proposal and the terms thus set out. This document (this signed contractual agreement) is subject to the T&C’s here:

Please see following Terms for more detailed information about this project…


Logo Design Packages


Your logo is the best way to get popular among your audience. Any popular brand is immediately identified with it’s logo. Your logo is not only the most powerful means of advertisement it also serves as a reminder in the minds of people. Whenever they see your logo, they remember the entire range of products and services offered by your company – and you! Your logo represents a philosophy of service, quality of product, and personal integrity. The outcome of this exercise is to be happy with a logo mark that can be studied for it’s visual appeal, correct proportion, appropriate fonts and colour, as well as the ability to be adapted for various usages such as small speciality items versus use on signage, print versus web, one colour; two colour, four colour CMYK or RGB applications; and overall longevity. Getting this correct now saves you time and money down the track. And remember, you get the full set of industry standard file formats for you to use at the completion of the project. These are all derived from “vector” format (Adobe Illustrator .ai and .pdf file formats, the most universal file formats) as well as .JPG and .PNG. What that means is that you can use your logo on anything from a web page to a billboard, without all the fuss! And you own the IP too!


Option 1

The Start-Up Logo Package // Zshoosh-UpLogo Package // or Re-Make Logo Package
+/- $300-$500+gst. 

A basic text-style logotype, not getting too carried away, with up to five minor design changes along the journey. Very simple and very clean but void of complicated pictures or concepts. Normally one or two colours, but awesome enough that you still ‘mean’ business! A re-make or re-vamp of your existing logo but with character, not getting too far away from the original concept and design, but with a really good spruce up using creative licence, a new font and four to five minor design changes along the journey. Choose this option if you need all your logos re-made in industry standard file formats.


Option 2

The Advanced Logo Package // Re-Design Logo Package
+/- $500-$750+gst. 

Choose this option to upgrade and revive your brand. This option is also great as a more advanced package to design a more exciting logo than Option 1. 


Option 3

The SME Logo Package // Smart Logo Package
+/- $750-$1000+gst. 

Especially designed for the Small to Medium Enterprise’s image. A very advanced, original new logo design targeting your market which will really go the distance to create more business recognition for you. Four to Five design options and changes to get to the final logo. A basic logo-sheet for brand fidelity for your affiliates can be supplied on request as a part of the project.


Option 4

The Primo Logo Package // Professional Logo Package
+/- $1000-$1500+gst. 

A very professional-looking, custom-designed logo made from our research findings, with around 15 different initial quick concept design options. Four to five design changes to get to the final logo. These various options contain different emotions or concepts or values about your business that will be more understandable to your target market, making your business more memorable. An advanced logo-sheet for brand fidelity can also be supplied. A tag-line can be built into this option too.


Option 5

The Ultimate Logo Package // UpscaleLogo Package // Corporate Logo Package
+/- $1500-$2500+gst

You are paying for the best value and high quality logo design that is fully customised to your business. A bespoke, professional, original new custom-designed logo, especially designed for the corporate market or for a very special purpose, with around 20 different initial creative options to choose from resulting in an original logo with timeless class, that appeals very strongly to your target market. This type of logo contains a tag-line/slogan and a concept to portray your business in a very favourable light against your competition, creating far more chances of your business being used. This gives your business a personality, visibility, a memorable character, and a real brand to maximize your return on investment, when reflecting on the emotional feel of your company (classic, wild, conservative, daring, strong, etc). Your logo, and branding, markets your business while you are not there, so this type of logo makes it the best option for customers to remember, experience and perceive your company as the best in the business, and hence the go-to in your competitive market. Because branding is intangible, it lives in customers’ minds and is more about recall than fact. This package increases the chances of repeat customers. Up to 15 design changes (of the initial chosen logo) to get to the final logo. An advanced logo-sheet for brand fidelity is also supplied. Really stand out from the crowd, be perceived as a true professional, choose the ultimate option for unreal results. Please visit or, for more in-depth info. 




All preparation materials, sketches, visuals, emails and including the electronic files used to create the project remain the property of TheLogoDesigner.NZ. The final artwork/digital files will become the property of the client mentioned in this proposal ONLY upon final payment of the project. I cannot stress enough that if final payment is NOT received as agreed and set out in the initial proposal, all designs and concepts will remain the property of TheLogoDesigner.NZ until payment is received.If there are issues with the final payment, I then reserve the right to reuse or amend any of these ideas for other clients or to be used freely as concepts in my portfolio. Should the client attempt to use/modify/alter/replicate or steal any of my ideas without making agreed final payment, I will take immediate legal counsel. TheLogoDesigner.NZ reserves the right to show any artwork, ideas, sketches created for this project in a portfolio as examples of client work. This can be during the project and also on completion. If you have any specific ‘secrecy/stealth mode’ requirements, please mention this before agreeing to the proposal and I can embargo the project. Final payment ensures that ONLY the agreed logo design becomes the clients property. Any previous ideas/concepts remain the property of TheLogoDesigner.NZ, unless any prior agreement has been made.



Depending on which Logo Design Package is chosen I will attempt to be all yours with undivided attention, except when a major deadline comes in like a magazine production etc. I will try my hardest to communicate with you along the Logo Design Journey – keeping you fully informed, asking you questions and for feedback on the differing concepts displayed/sent through. +/- 1-2 Months depending on how many design changes.




I sincerely request that you trust me to do the job you are paying me to do. That you will take on board my suggestions and ideas to be in your best interests. I am not an artworker, I will not tolerate any form of micro-managing or intimidation during a project. If you are used to directing or insist on being hands on, this will likely be an uncomfortable experience for both of us and the price will often ‘blow out’.



If you choose to cancel the project midway through the project, where ideas and proposals have been submitted, refund of previous payment is not possible. However, depending on the work completed and overall budget, a portion of the funds ‘may’ be returned. If I fall ill or am unable to complete the project due to unforeseen circumstances a portion of the overall budget will be returned. In most cases the complete amount will be refunded. If the work so far completed can be used for another designer to pick up, then a percentage will be refunded based on work completed or any other reasonable suggestion will be considered. I have an awesome colleague that can help in this respect.



I reserve the right to suspend any project if a client: interferes with excessive micromanaging, demonstrates a continued lack of trust and inability to move forward after showing more than a reasonable number of unique logo ideas/concepts and/or shows reluctance in paying the final payment. Fair notice will be given with fair chance to remedy the situation without resorting to project suspension or termination. Any suspension or termination will not result in any refunds.


TM & ©


Due to the lengthy procedure required to initiate any form of Trademark, Copyright and legal name search, let me know, as this is an additional cost. If you require the logo to be trademarked, then I must seek proper legal advice at a cost agreed with you, the client. I have a very good colleague that does this type of logo legal work.



You take full responsibility for ensuring that the company/product name and tag-line/slogan is legally free before work is started. Should any legal issue arise with the naming during or after the project has been completed, no refunds are possible neither and I am not responsible for any problems thus arising. Please ensure the name and/or tag-line/slogan you are wanting to use/using is free and legally safe to use before committing to this logo project. Name changes and variations during this project will be exceptionally costly.


…and finally



If you are unhappy about the progress of the project, feel we are not finding an appropriate angle, then please discuss this with me. I would encourage you to call rather than email, I am very easy going and even easier to talk to. Sometimes projects do hit a road-block or speed-hump, but we normally find a way back. It is crucial that we are both completely clear about the objectives and aims before commencing. Now is the time to be open with your thoughts, doubts and/or concerns.



When you are happy with this engagement, I will send you a PDF where you sign, seal and deliver.



By signing you are accepting the terms and conditions contained within this proposal and online...



Once you have signed and filled in the details opposite, please print and post back. If you are overseas, then posting will clearly be a inconvenience. There are three alternative methods you can use. If you are reasonably savvy with the PDF format, you can use what is called a Digital Signature. Your signature can be embedded into this page, re-saved and emailed back to me. This is as good as a hand written signature. If the Digital Signature seems like too much of a pain, please scan or photograph with smartphone/digital camera after signing and email back to:



Once you have signed and sent back this proposal, please arrange the first payment so that we can get started with the project. Until this payment is received, I cannot book your project in, and other jobs may take precedence in this time. On receipt of the signed proposal, I will also forward onto you an invoice for your records and any receipts for payments thus received. I thoroughly look forward to working with you on this project and very much appreciate you reaching out to me for your creative needs. If you have any queries or would like to revisit these quotes, please feel free to call me.


Hope all that made sense?

Any request or omissions? This is a guide for our next Logo Design or Branding Project and anything can be requested or customised.


Regards, Clint

Logo Design

Your logo is the face of your business and needs to make a lasting impression. At The Logo Designer, I offer tailored logo design services that will capture your brand's essence and set you apart from competitors. Don't settle for a generic logo—let us help you create something truly special.

A new logo design can do wonders for your business. My goal is to craft a logo that will elevate your brand and help it stand out from the competition. I’ve worked with a variety of clients, from small startups to corporate brands, and always focus on creating something that is not only visually stunning, but also communicates the right message to your target audience.

Contact me to learn more about how a custom logo can help grow your business.

Graphic Design

When it comes to logo design, I believe that quality is key. I use my expertise to create designs that are aesthetically pleasing while also resonating with the audience. My goal is to create a design that is not only beautiful but also functional and create professional looking Graphic Design to support this through all your marketing collatere

al. I collaborate with each client throughout the process to make sure their vision is fully realised. I specialize in contemporary logo and graphic design that leaves a lasting impression in the minds of people online and offline.


Contact me to learn more about how good graphic design can help grow your business.

SEO Marketing

As a professional logo designer, I understand that every business requires a unique logo that is tailored to its specific needs. This is the same with SEOI! But how do you find your brand out there in the game landscape? Same game-play online. I am also experienced in creating effective SEO for your website so you can get your brand found faster on Google's Search Page Results. I provide a variety of SEO options to select from to make sure every business can obtain a rank on Google's Page 1. Very Creative Basic or Advanced SEO packages that reaches your prospects online. 

Contact me to learn more about how SEO can help grow your business get found faster and rank higher on Google's SERP's.


I am passionate about helping businesses establish their brand online or offline (print) with a unique logo design that accurately represents their values and objectives. How do you measure your effectiveness? With over three decades of experience in the industry, I take pride in my ability to create customised SEO that can be measured. that truly reflects your business and resonates with your target audience and with adding Google's analytic code to your website I can prove it. I understand the importance of website analytics, your brand and how you get found online perfectly within their online presence. 

Contact me to learn more about how to measure your success grow your business.

Want the best Logo Maker for your business? | The Logo Designer Prebbleton Selwyn NZ
Want the best Logo Maker for your business? | The Logo Designer Lincoln Selwyn NZ

Join Me

My role is to create you the best logo for your business. My responsibility is to deliver you the correct four logo design elements all in one tidy new package. I am looking for a business that needs help with their struggling brand. How do you know that? Give me a quick call on 0211144014


You will get a logo that will resonate with your target audience and will stand the test of time all at a very affordable price. Done right first time is my motto, to put the mojo in your logo!

Click here to contact me now for further info…

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