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Welcome to The Logo Designer's Game

Welcome from The Logo Designer, where creativity meets professionalism all at a very affordable price (I am NOT a Design Agency) in a game designed for you to win!

I am passionate about designing memorable logos that will help your business stand out in a crowded market. Whether you're a startup or a well-established business that needs your branding corrected, I am here to help you create a unique visual identity that best represents your brand, values and style all at the best possible ROI.

Let the Games Begin!

How do you know what you need?
Do you know what format your logo is?
Do you need a new VECTOR logo?

The Unknown


Adventure into the world
of a new logo that truly tells your brand’s story, Contact Me today…

New Logo Design


Need a new logo?
I have developed an inclusive fun design strategy – you are in control…



Redesign your logo upgrade your brand Christchurch Rolleston nz

About Me…

As the Logo Designer, I am not a big scaly, scary, expensive beast.
I know that a great logo is the foundation of any successful business and to get the best new logo in the quickest most affordable way is my goal. With over a decade of experience, I have perfected the art of logo design to deliver results that stand out. I understand that your logo is the face of your brand, and clients need to be able to identify with it right away. That’s why I take pride in my work and craft designs that are both effective and visually stunning.

A Perfect Logo Designing Experience ATACTIC Strategy

At, I believe that designing the perfect logo should be a fun and exciting experience. With over 30 years of experience under my belt, I have developed ATACTIC to bring a unique perspective to every project and make the whole journey fun.


Feel like you own the whole process and have your say. From bold and colorful designs to minimalistic and sleek logos, I work closely with clients to create a visual representation of their brand that captures their essence. I call this business advantage ATACTIC to get more eyes on your business. Let’s work together to design a logo that you’ll love...

Vector logo design upgrade your old logo Christchurch Rolleston nz

Is your old logo crashing-and-burning?!

Work with Me to avoid your old brand crashing-and-burning.

Let's have some fun along the way to designing the best new logo…

Your logo is the face of your brand, and it should stand out from the crowd. At the Logo Designer, I take pride in creating unique and eye-catching designs that ensure your business's identity is unforgettable. My design process is fun and engaging, making sure that we work together to create a logo that truly represents your brand while also being playful and creative.

Supercharging Aspiring Brands for Success with Exclusive Logo Swagger.

At The Logo Designer (Christchurch), you get a results-driven design experience, reimagining how ambitious brands articulate purpose, achieve potential and amplify profits through the best possible branding, and in particular, Logo Making. goes beyond logos and colours, diving deep into the core of your brand to craft a unique identity that resonates with your audience. From compelling visual elements to a cohesive brand story, I ensure that every aspect reflects your values and captivates your audience. As a result, your prospective clients will now see you, remember you and will trust you, and of course, your business will benefit in many ways including reputation. It’s a perceived experience from a client’s point-of-view.


You want to be better than the rest right?! 


Be Seen, Be Found, Be Remembered

My signature design and strategy engagement packages 1-5 [see these Logo Design Packages here on a new page] are specifically crafted for established entities and entrepreneurs ready to accelerate to the next level. I specialise in aligning your visual identity, online presence, and team dynamics to open doors to fresh opportunities and propel your business forward and give your business an exclusive swagger in the marketplace. Whether you've outlined your next level of business goals or seek my expertise in discovery and fine-tuning details, I am here to provide a roadmap for your success. 


Our engagement allows you and your team to implement a deeper understanding of the incremental steps required to achieve your big-picture objectives and let me guide you in executing scalable, sustainable growth. Whether unifying your team or gaining personal clarity, the deliverables and solutions you will receive are designed to organise and position your brand for higher opportunities, yielding game-changing results.


By the end of our engagement, expect not only clarity and solutions for current challenges but also a transformative presentation and alignment that empowers you to control the perception and progress of your brand.

Want me to put the Mojo in your Logo?!

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