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The Interrobang Symbol

Noun. a printed punctuation mark (‽), available only in some typefaces, designed to combine the question mark (?) and the exclamation point (!), indicating a mixture of query and interjection, as after a rhetorical question.

For my logo, I like it as a Ligature and as a double meaning right?!
I mean, one can hardly hammer out "WTF‽" without one.

My Logo Concept: Look great, right?!

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This article is about the typographical symbol. For other uses, see Interrobang (disambiguation).

"!?" and "?!" redirect here. For chess signs, see Chess annotation symbols.

‽ ⸘


In UnicodeU+203D ‽ INTERROBANG

This article contains special characters.Without proper rendering support, you may see question marks, boxes, or other symbols.

The interrobang (/ɪnˈtɛrəbæŋ/), also known as the interabang[2] ‽ (often represented by any of ?!, !?, ?!?,?!!, !?? or !?!), is an unconventional punctuation mark intended to combine the functions of the question mark (also known as the interrogative point) and the exclamation mark (also known in the jargon of printers and programmers as a "bang"). The glyph is a ligature of these two marks[4] and was first proposed in 1962 by Martin K. Speckter.



American Martin K. Speckter (June 14, 1915 – February 14, 1988) conceptualized the interrobang in 1962. As the head of an advertising agency, Speckter believed that advertisements would look better if copywriters conveyed surprised rhetorical questions using a single mark. He proposed the concept of a single punctuation mark in an article in the magazine TYPEtalks. Speckter solicited possible names for the new character from readers. Contenders included exclamaquest, and exclarotive, but he settled on interrobang. He chose the name to reference the punctuation marks that inspired it: interrogatio is Latin for "rhetorical question" or "cross-examination"; bang is printers' slang for the exclamation mark. Graphic treatments for the new mark were also submitted in response to the article.

Early interest

In 1965, Richard Isbell created the Americana typeface for American Type Founders and included the interrobang as one of the characters. In 1968, an interrobang key was available on some Remington typewriters. In the 1970s, replacement interrobang keycaps and typefaces were available for some Smith-Corona typewriters. The interrobang was in vogue for much of the 1960s; the word interrobang appeared in some dictionaries, and the mark was used in magazine and newspaper articles.

Continued support

Most fonts do not include the interrobang, but it has not disappeared. Lucida Grande, the default font for many UI elements of legacy versions of Apple's OS X operating system, includes the interrobang, and Microsoft provides several versions of the interrobang in the Wingdings 2 character set (on the right bracket and tilde keys on US keyboard layouts), included with Microsoft Office. It was accepted into Unicode and is included in several fonts, including Lucida Sans UnicodeArial Unicode MS, and Calibri, the default font in the Office 20072010, and 2013 suites.

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