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Want the best Logo Maker in the business?

It's all about having fun on the journey to get the best new logo for your business…

Want the best logo maker for the job & the best logo design for your business?

Choose the Logo Guru.

Call Clint now on 021 1144014.


Hi, my name is Clint and I am a professional Logo Designer (not only a good Graphic Designer, but a logo design specialist) and have extensive professional experience in bringing brands to life with eye-catching logo designs in NZ.


Some call me "The Logo Guy" or "The Logo Guru".

I will make your new graphic logo design encompass everything that your business is. The essence of your business realised and the intangible tangible. In putting you in touch with your market, I believe I am the best Logo Maker for your business!

You want to look great in that new logo, right!?

Inner view of a futuristic vehicle .jpg
Why choose Me?

Hello, my name is Clint and I have been a Graphic Designer operating since the early 90s since acing my tertiary education and quickly became a Professional Logo Designer – I love it – this is my forté.

See my portfolio and Gallery pages for more.

Business Benefits Designed.

With extensive experience spanning now over three decades, I'm confident in saying that I believe that I am probably the best logo maker or designer in NZ. Other graphic designers hate designing logos, it takes too long, it's too tricky, I hate fonts, I have to actually think about things! They design a font or a simple word for a logo that is quick and nasty in thinking that "you probably won't notice", that any free logo maker will produce. Something that doesn't portray trust. I am the opposite, I love the challenge and want to make this process matter! My portfolio speaks for itself, with a variety of logos that showcase my creative talent and ability to capture the essence of a brand, the reason for being. I've worked with businesses of all sizes and industries, creating logos that stand the test of time. Every logo I make and design is unique and tailored to the client's needs, with a marketing strategy ensuring that it tells their story in a visually compelling way. Contact me today to see how I can elevate your brand with a stunning new logo – putting you in touch with your market – to increase sales with a stronger marketing tool than your competitors. And don't forget about the logo's tag line or slogan!? I do that too...

Grab People’s Attention.

As a seasoned logo designer I take great pride in crafting unique and memorable logos and logo taglines for my clients that grab peoples' attention. My passion for design started in the early 90s and I've been consistently improving my craft ever since. I strive to create logos that are not only visually stunning but also tell a story about your brand with style. When I work with a client, I take the time to understand their business and values, so that I can create a logo that truly represents them and that you are proud of. Let me show you how I can turn your vision into an iconic logo that grabs peoples' attention. Make a great first impression: Designed with a Concept and Strategy of a professional and become Memorable in your potential new clients' mind. What does that mean? Well, it's simply, more business, designed! 


Getting Your Image Resonating with Your Market.

If you're looking for a professional and experienced logo designer, look no further than The Logo Designer (my company – my business). I am the owner and the designer you get and I am dedicated to helping businesses create memorable and iconic logos that stand out in their respective industries. I take great pride in my work and strive to understand the unique identity of each brand I work with. My goal is to create logos that not only look great but also resonate with customers and tell a story about your company so that it's memorable and resonates with your target market. To put your a mojo in your logo and design more business for you. 


This is a Game-Changer: New logo = more $ back.

Create the BEST possible logo for your business for the BEST ROI. A good investment that will increase sales and gain the strongest possible face to the market as a marketing tool. Your new, value-for-money and affordable, one-of-a-kind logo will transform your Business Brand which in turn equals More Business Benefits Designed. 

You want to look great in that new logo right?!

Why Choose Me?  (sic)


You are AMAZING!


That Logo is awesome!

So.... I need logo by itself in the fancy file...

The words i need individual with out logo as they all will be on different shirts etc.



Dog Trainer

Tristan Huxley

Hi Clint, 

Honesty I am stunned, and you have obviously carefully considered your email which is very much appreciated...  

I can honesty say that you exceeded my expectations from day one, and I personally feel that what you have created for me, fits in with what I want and the values of Proxemics. 


Through out the creative process I feel that you took pride in what you were doing, and made it as personal to you as it is to me... 

I know that I will be more than happy to work with you again, and rest assured you will have something from me in the next 4 – 8 weeks about doing a website for me...  


And on a side note, if I end up being your way for a client or another reason, I would have great pleasure in being able to shake your hand and express my gratitude in person with a beer or two.  


Thank you for everything, I loved the creative journey that you took me on, and I look forward to the next one with the website :)  




Proxemics, Australia

Becks & John Mason

Clint is a true professional with attention to detail.  

My husband John and I have been blown away with his credibility, loyalty and dedication to us - (he gives the impression we are the only one he is working with!). He responds to our needs promptly and works very hard until he reaches perfection. ( his high standard)


I am a personal stylist and my husband is a builder, we have very high expectations that Clint has gone beyond.  

We thank you very much for all your genuine hard work Clint, we would recommend you to anyone that would benefit from your services! 

Thank you to Clint’s wife Alison who allows him to be this dedicated! 

We haven’t finished yet…. we will be return customers without a doubt!


Style4u & John Mason Builders
Clare Best

What an amazing process it was working with Clint. He took the time to really understand who I was and what my business was all about before he began the process of creating my much desired logo. I'd like to say I was an easy client but I can't.


What was fabulas was that Clint never gave up on the challenge and finally we had a logo that both were really proud of. The logo that spoke for my business when I couldn't.
A logo that didn't require words. 


Thanks Clint for creating magic and becoming a dear and trusted business associate that I gladly call friend.


Branching Out NZ Ltd

My Hourly Rate Explained…

This question should honestly answer itself…


“Why entrust the design of my logo to a professional logo designer and not do it myself?”


Let’s try some variations of that…

“Why entrust my daughter’s surgery to a professional and not do it myself?”

“Why entrust my legal defence in court to a professional and not do it myself?”

“Why entrust the accounting of my business to a professional and not do it myself?”

“Why entrust the wiring in my house to a professional and not do it myself?”

“Why entrust fixing my chainsaw to a professional and not do it myself?”


Okay, maybe you can do these things, maybe you can’t, but at the very least a professional will do a much better job, and that’s where we’re at here. Furthermore, this is the difference between a Graphic Designer’s skill set and a Logo Designer’s skill set. Who would you trust with your new logos’ design?!


Maybe You Can, Maybe You Can’t, But A Professional Will Do A Much Better Job.

Do you know the difference between raster and vector graphics? Can you learn it?

Do you know the difference between a font and a glyph?

Do know why one is preferred near universally for logos and the other isn’t?

Do you know how to optimise things for print, signage, stickers, t-shirts, web etc., or are you going to end up paying someone else down the line to optimise it every single time you start a new project that requires a different format? I’m one of the guys that does these graphical optimisation things, I laugh at you, I cuss you, and I openly wonder why you always send us a postage stamp sized JPEG or PNG version of your file to print on a poster or a billboard. 

My free logo making advice. Those are just the tip of the printing concerns iceberg, there’s more—a lot more. Most of us working in the field have either been doing this for years and have gained experience that way, or we have actually earned a degree in the field. The good ones have both, and I have also over 30 years freelancing experience.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying you can’t do it. I started out when I was younger designing a logo for the local backyard baby shop, and went forward from there. That was 30 years ago. I’ve been working as a Graphic Designer and Logo Illustrator since then, I’ve also earned that degree as well and have had agency experience in the early days too! How much experience do the designers on Fivver have?!

You can do it, I’m not saying you can’t, a graphic designer can do it, but a professional logo designer can do the best job. Hire someone that will do the best logo for your company. You’ll be happier in the end, and have much better results and ROI.


So $100/hour to put the LOVE in your LOGO–not bad aye?!

Especially when it costs $110 per hour to fix your chainsaw! 


Want the best logo maker for the job & the best logo design for your business?

Choose the Logo Guru.

Call Clint now on 021 1144014.

You want to look great in that new logo, right!?

Logo Design

Your logo is the face of your business and needs to make a lasting impression. At The Logo Designer, I offer tailored logo design services that will capture your brand's essence and set you apart from competitors. Don't settle for a generic logo—let us help you create something truly special.

A new logo design can do wonders for your business. My goal is to craft a logo that will elevate your brand and help it stand out from the competition. I’ve worked with a variety of clients, from small startups to corporate brands, and always focus on creating something that is not only visually stunning, but also communicates the right message to your target audience.

Contact me to learn more about how a custom logo can help grow your business.

Graphic Design

When it comes to logo design, I believe that quality is key. I use my expertise to create designs that are aesthetically pleasing while also resonating with the audience. My goal is to create a design that is not only beautiful but also functional and create professional looking Graphic Design to support this through all your marketing collatere

al. I collaborate with each client throughout the process to make sure their vision is fully realised. I specialize in contemporary logo and graphic design that leaves a lasting impression in the minds of people online and offline.


Contact me to learn more about how good graphic design can help grow your business.

SEO Marketing

As a professional logo designer, I understand that every business requires a unique logo that is tailored to its specific needs. This is the same with SEOI! But how do you find your brand out there in the game landscape? Same game-play online. I am also experienced in creating effective SEO for your website so you can get your brand found faster on Google's Search Page Results. I provide a variety of SEO options to select from to make sure every business can obtain a rank on Google's Page 1. Very Creative Basic or Advanced SEO packages that reaches your prospects online. 

Contact me to learn more about how SEO can help grow your business get found faster and rank higher on Google's SERP's.


I am passionate about helping businesses establish their brand online or offline (print) with a unique logo design that accurately represents their values and objectives. How do you measure your effectiveness? With over three decades of experience in the industry, I take pride in my ability to create customised SEO that can be measured. that truly reflects your business and resonates with your target audience and with adding Google's analytic code to your website I can prove it. I understand the importance of website analytics, your brand and how you get found online perfectly within their online presence. 

Contact me to learn more about how to measure your success grow your business.

Want the best Logo Maker for your business? | The Logo Designer Rolleston
Want the best Logo Design for your business? | The Logo Designer Rolleston

Join Me

My role is to create you the best logo for your business. My responsibility is to deliver you the correct 4 logo design elements all in one tidy new package. I am looking for a business that needs help with their struggling brand. How do you know that? Give me a quick call on 0211144014


You will get a logo that will resonate with your target audience and will stand the test of time all at a very affordable price. Done right first time is my motto, to put the mojo in your logo!

Click here to contact me now for further info…

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